ARTBELL certificate
All ARTBELL products have undergone a complete testing process and have professional product testing certificates
keyfiyyətə nəzarət
At ARTBELL, all the manufacturing processes are strictly controlled and supervised from the input material to casting, machining, and packing procedure.The seven methods of quality control are the quality management methods that ARTBELL respects. It mainly includes control charts, causeeffect charts, correlation charts,permutation charts, statistical analysis tables, data stratification methods, histograms, etc.
The 2 most important factors that stand out in the QC of Olympic bars are the yield strength and the tensile strength. Our own strength test to guarantee that every barbell meets the high standard (statically) that it can hold before it breaks or bends and deforms permanently.
To guarantee the quality, ARTBELL yoga ball starts from the source of materials. Our resin PVC material is non-toxic and 100% safe to human body. Meanwhile, the yoga ball pressure limit should be about 300KG, and our strict control makes sure that there will be no obvious deformation or any risk of explosion even very heavy people press on it.
ARTBELL elastic belt is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly polymer TPU raw materials. Our QC team supervise from various perspectives to assure its good elasticity,soft touch, wear-resistance and yellowing resistance, etc. It is toughyet high-elastic, so it will not break in case of needling.